Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

This is our marketing and sales name. Our company, CING-1, LLC, is a Colorado Limited Liability Company, established in 2008.

History of Recycled Mat-ters™

Having been around only a short three years, we have made it our goal to see our world improved by keeping as many rubber floor mats out of landfills and put back into productive use. We're getting pretty good at it, having gone from small one-on-one sales to large event settings (selling many, many mats in short periods of time) to expanding our recycled mat sales outlets from just one to four five - and more on the way.

Future Goal of CING-1, LLC and

Our goal is to expand our retail outlets and improve our web sales tools to allow even more of our quality rubber floor mats to see a second life and avoiding landfills for many years to come. Our hope is that those of you reading this, will see how our products really are helping to save the earth - one mat at a time. If you see yourself wanting to take part, let us know if you want to become one of our retailers. We will work to the success of both of us.

It's O.K. to CALL US directly:
(720) 515-1666